Monday, March 24, 2014

Michael Pollan's Cooked.1

I picked this book up on a whim. I didn't even intend to browse the library, just to walk in and pick up what I had on hold at the reference desk.

I love the way Pollan writes. Instead of sharing every single awesome quote on Facebook, I thought I'd put some of them here.

"Specialization is undeniably a powerful social and economic force. And yet it is also debilitating. It breeds helplessness, dependence, and ignorance and, eventually, it undermines any sense of responsibility" (19).

"Changing the world will always require action and participation in the public realm, but in our time that will no longer be sufficient. We'll have to change the way we live, too. What that means is that the sites of our everyday engagement with nature--our kitchens, gardens, houses, cars--matter to the fate of the world in a way they never have before" (22).