Thursday, March 04, 2010


Cast me aside
Throw me away
You are still
the one attached
to all the music
that I love, and
you evoke from me
deep stirrings -
physical, spiritual
We met our peak -
at least you did -
weeks ago - in a
place where I fell
in love. You made
me love you, with
your green eyes
worshiping me. You
told me I was the
best thing that had
happened to you
You weren't the only
one to say so, but
you're the one that,
later, I most wanted
to believe. I treated
you bad, and you
treated me like shit,
but we've been honest
And now you've moved
on and I have freedom
and options. We'll
pass each other not
even like ships in
the night. No friendly
hellos across the bows
Instead, you have forgotten
me, and I remember
you fervently in the music


a.k.a. Mr. Jeff said...

Nice. An original composition, I assume?

Emily said...

Original and fresh - a few minutes before I posted it :-) Thanks.