Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thanks and A Shift

I've failed. ECM (Exploring Christian Mysticism) is on hold for a while. I've been caught up in other projects ...

and my religious reading has gone by the wayside... for now.

Yes, Jensen's book has been at the heart of a lot of what I'm doing lately. I have a tendency to throw myself into things without always thinking them through. That's why I'm talking with friends who agree with me and with friends who think I'm crazy and taking things a bit too far.

It's easy to take the radical viewpoint and ignore moderation in the middle. And it's easy if you take the radical viewpoint to pull people towards the middle. If you're not going to follow Jensen's advice (sort of) and blow up dams to take down the evil civilization which steals and kills, at least use less. Or be aware of what you're using.

I am a very lucky person. I have a job that pays me well, and I can afford to eat mostly local, organic, and/or vegetarian fare. I am lucky to be increasingly involved in a church and in friendships that mean something to me. I am lucky enough to have the leisure time to pursue things about which I am passionate. These things are important to me. These connections matter.

I am also lucky that I think it is interesting to explore matters of sustainability further. It is both important and fun to think about such problems, as heartbreaking as it may also be.

I am lucky to have friends who are willing to read my posts and show me gently where I've failed to proofread (or edit or think things through or censor myself or structure things logically, etc.). I am lucky that people find my openness charming rather than ascerbic and offensive (okay, some of the time).

I am lucky when I know when to stop (some of the time). Time to get to work :-)

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TLM0000 said...

You're a quirky Emily. You are correct, you are very lucky, and mostly likely deserve it.