Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Next they'll call me a terrorist.

Why? Because at least in part I oppose capitalism, and by exercising my First Amendment right I may possibly hurt commerce. UnAmerican, I tell you.

"Capitalism is incompatible with a truly ecological civilization because it is a system that must continually expand, promoting consumption beyond human needs, while ignoring the limits of nonrenewable resources (the tap) and the earth’s waste assimilation capacity (the sink). As a system of possessive individualism it necessarily promotes greed, individualism, competitiveness, selfishness, and an Après moi le déluge philosophy."

~ My Source

And, yes, "apres moi le deluge" (sans accents) is from Karl Marx.

Competition can be healthy, and individualism is part of what makes us human, but we take it too far. I don't want to crush the human spirit, but I think a little selflessness would be awesome. If you don't believe in selflessness, then think about the economic theories that demonstrate that sometimes what is best for all of us is best for each of us, instead of the Randian inverse myth.

Trade is good.
Technology can be used for good.
Communities are best.
Worshipping life (and doing ANYTHING to extend it) is bad.
Worshipping growth is bad.


TLM0000 said...

I do not understand the "worshipping Life (and doing anything to extend it) is bad"
Give me your insight on this please?

Emily said...

Tracy, I hope you can read this. A few of my friends weighed in as well:


"Extending life is bad?

"Randian objectivists annoy me to no end. Acting in your own self-interest is not a moral system.


"I think that anything is being used to mean "Being willing to extend life at any cost," which is a sentiment with which I agree. Keeping a braindead patient on life support for twenty years (for example) is an abusive, wasteful act."

What Meghan said. I will try to tackle this further. Thanks for bringing it up. I was unclear, and it's a tough position these days.

TLM0000 said...

Excellent answers.