Thursday, March 14, 2013

Crisis of Civilizaton.6

I put on a reasonably successful screening of the Crisis of Civilization film/documentary last week. Afterwards, despite my notes, the conversation went everywhere. People were very passionate but it was hard to stay focused on a given crisis for very long. Eventually, I started asking the question: despite all the issues, which we should explore, what kind of life do we WANT to live? I tried to turn it from a negative question to a positive question. I'll need to follow up by email and with another event soon.

Now I'm in the heart of the oil and gas headquarters of the world as my job brings me to Doha, Qatar. It's a beautiful city, but it breaks my heart to realize the people and the resources exploited to make my 10 days here almost magical.

To the book:
Nafeez says that the U.S. meets up to 70% of its oil needs through imports. Mexico has provided about 14% to date, but they're going to stop exporting soon. China's gonna start importing more soon, too as their demand increases. Where is our oil independence supposed to come from again? Without reducing consumption in one way or another (or, more realistically, in a dozen ways), we're gonna run out really fast. High oil producing country after country are reaching their peaks, and even with the economic crises, demand continues to rise worldwide. What's next?

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