Monday, April 29, 2013

Guy McPherson explains it all

Check it out!

"The series of solutions [put forth by Al Gore, for example] is completely mismatched to the crisis."

"Changing your light bulbs is not going to save the day with respect to climate change. The only thing that can save us from climate change is termination of the industrial economy."

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Douglas said...

I always thought there was something fishy about the "little" things that can be done to curb climate change--is our every action somehow connected by long lever to the climate?--as a sneaky way to force us to buy new things to replace the old ones. Oh no, incandescent bulbs generate heat--spend 5x more on fluorescent, please. Oh dear, your 200,000-mile-old car has 21 mpg--better upgrade to a $40K hybrid, sir.
I think we want some magic pill solution that doesn't involve overturning civilization, and we're going to sit on complacency until it collapses beneath us like cheap deck chairs (Oh my! Better get sustainable bamboo--yours for $40 per piece!).