Monday, May 20, 2013


Here's the newest video/lecture I've found that has inspired me today.

I'm still reading Sacred Demise, even as I read other compelling posts about how failing to resist is immoral. As I wrote on my other blog this morning, I think I can hold the two tense opposing philosophies in my mind at the same time, try to make intellectual and spiritual sense of them, and live in a way that meets my moral and physical needs. I want to resist as much as I can and still be "sane" (a loaded word, but I mean more personally healthy than 'abiding by the societal rules other people set for me') but also accept the very likely demise of life on earth and not let that knowledge paralyze my action. Make sense?

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Douglas said...

I agree. As much as long term action is necessary, it can be paralytic to everyday life.