Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's the NCTE of the World As We Know It

Liz and I leave for NCTE in Philadelphia tomorrow morning! We met last night during her office hours to pore over the program, discuss what to do during downtime [shopping, museums, Liberty Bell, cheesy cuisine], and, of course, chat a little bit about our panel presentation Friday afternoon. But back to the important part: Road Trip!

Doomsday Book by Connie Willis - I'm enjoying this but not as quickly as my book club ladies.
Also enjoying The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho. I believe that he should be listened to rather than read, at least for me.

In my last few hours at work for the week, I'm kicking ass and taking names this morning.
• Last Thursday I called the student union to confirm that we'd be using their display space starting Monday at noon. They made it sound like we'd be ready to move in yesterday. When my student showed up at 7pm, the other tenants were still using the space. I got fun calls from students and the boss. This morning I got to call and talk to a student at the union, who said things will be ready to go for us at noon today, and I left a message for the reservations director. She hasn't gotten back to me about reservations for rooms next semester either.
• I've been working with our Printing & Design folk on a brochure of students' microcompany products. I have a happy-looking proof. All I need to do now is confirm with my boss that the pricing is acceptable, decide on a final number to order, and encourage P&D to get it done before Thanksgiving so students can take them home and advertise over the break.
• Pricing confirmed - we'll order 1000 (400 more than we wanted, but we all know how profit margins work). They should be ready Friday!
• I set up my work e-mail's autoresponse message for when I'm gone Wednesday through Sunday.
• Just printed out my handout for NCTE Friday. Many thanks to C & M for your input!
• Boss is having a guest speaker Thursday. I confirmed printing and confirmed that a coworker of mine can greet her and take attendance. Need to call the guest and tell her to meet my friend Stella in her office.
• Done.

Speaking of M, do you love vanilla? And nuts? And sugar and salt? And adorably infectious writing?
Check out this recipe for Sweet and Salty Vanilla Pecans!

More later - presentation to work on, clothes to pack, fun books to read, gchat friends to harass, and husband to hug!

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